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Sangria Sampler 2-Pack

Sangria Sampler 2-Pack

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Try one of each of our Sangria Flavors: One Red and One White.

Our Red Sangria blend is made with dehydrated oranges, cherries, cranberries, lemons, limes, apricots and apples. Mixed with my vanilla and cinnamon infused sugar it creates a great cold weather cocktail. Fill the jar with your favorite brandy and let steep for up to 24 hrs. Then strain into chilled wine. For even more flavor, use a blueberry wine. Tastes just like Christmas!

Our White Sangria blend is made of lemons, pears, goji berries, strawberries, oranges, limes and a lemon raspberry monk fruit sweetener. This is a great no sugar added summertime treat!

If you have any questions at all please send us a message, we are here to help! 

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