Charitable Giving

Requests for charitable giving are: OPEN

Value of products donated in 2022:  $677

We love to support great causes with product donations. Your charity organization must be registered, and validation will be requested before your items are sent.

Not a registered charity? That's ok. We have sent products to other fundraisers for schools, camps, personal causes, etc. We just ask that you verify the authenticity of your request with some sort of proof. That may be a website, event page, flyer, etc.

The products we send depends on current inventory and demand. Please do not make specific requests. Our goal is to always send you products that will offer you the most value. Due to the demand for charitable giving, we do have a seasonal limit. Thank you for understanding.

If you would like to reach out to us, please use the form below!

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Business Phone: (704) 727-6110 (no soliciting please)
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