You deserve amazing cocktails!

We make it easy for you to have restaurant quality cocktails at home without the hassle of finding a recipe, buying the supplies, and hoping you get it right. Just fill the jar with your favorite liquor and follow the easy instructions on the label. The hardest part is waiting.

  • What's a Cocktail Infusion Jar?

    Our cocktail infusion jars are filled with fruits, sugar, and spices that make up recipes you love and new ones you will love to try. Just add alcohol! Pick a flavor, add the appropriate alcohol, let it steep and enjoy. Each large jar makes enough infused spirits for 5-6 drinks. Each small jar infuses enough for 2 drinks. The large sangria jars will make 1 pitcher when combined with your favorite wine.

  • What's in the Jars?

    Each jar contains fresh dehydrated fruit, craft sugar blends, and high-quality spices. We handpick, slice and dehydrate our own fruit to make sure you are getting the best quality. We make our own craft sugar blends to our recipes. Every ingredient is chosen to ensure you get the best product.

  • How do they Work?

    Each jar comes with a complete set of instructions right on the label. Open the jar, add the appropriate spirits, seal, and let steep for at least 1 hour and up to 24 hours; the longer the better. Pour as directed and enjoy!