Event Planners

Are You an Event Planner?

If you are a professional event planner, either freelance or with a venue, you probably qualify for our referral program!

Referral Program

When one of your customers places an order with us, you will earn 10% of the subtotal, less any applicable discounts, not including shipping or tax, paid to you upon delivery of the order.

Referral Examples

You're a freelance wedding planner. The couple purchases 50 small cocktail infusion jars for $12 each, totaling $600 plus shipping. We produce and ship the order. Upon delivery we write you a check for $60 as a thank you for referring your customers to us.

 You work for a venue named Sunset Hills Event Center. You are planning a large corporate retreat. Your client purchases 150 small cocktail infusion jars for $12 each totaling $1800. We produce, package and ship the jars. Upon delivery we write Sunset Hills Event Center a check for $180.

Eligible Products

Both our large and small cocktail infusion jars are eligible for this program. Minimum order of $300 required to qualify.

How to Claim

Once your customer has placed their order, contact us via email or the form below and include all of your details, your customer's details and event details. We will cross reference this information with our orders. We reserve the right to contact the customer to verify you are their professional event planner.