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Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments

Glass Rimmer / Margarita Salter with 3 Compartments

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Featuring 3 separate compartments, this unit keeps all the necessary ingredients for perfecting your margarita in one convenient location. Each of the compartments is specially designed to hold salt, sugar, or citrus juice. The citrus juice container holds a durable sponge to hold your lime or lemon juice.

Simply dip the rim of your glass into the sponge and immediately dip into either salt or sugar for a beautifully rimmed and appealing presentation! Our rimming salt and sugar products are perfect for this essential barware.

For easy cleanup, this unit collapses quickly and neatly, keeping contents contained for spill-free storage. Each compartment fits glasses with rim diameters greater than 1 1/2" and less than 5 1/2". Be sure to wash and dry the citrus juice sponge before storing.

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