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11 Inch Bar Spoon

11 Inch Bar Spoon

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This 11" bar spoon is the perfect bar utensil for crafting all your favorite beverages!  Designed to spin effortlessly in your hand, it is perfect for recipes that call for the easy, deft mixing of ingredients, especially drinks with many ingredient layers.

The solid bowl is small enough to fit into glasses of any diameter and ensures easy stirring, even for drinks with a lot of ice. Additionally, the twisted design provides not only support, but also a sturdier grip and improves the durability of the thin metal. As an added bonus, the red knob on the end makes it easy to locate this spoon with just a glance. At 11" in length, this spoon will effectively mix drinks in even your tallest high ball glasses or shakers and ensures you will always have the perfect tool on hand.

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